Thank you to everyone who attended the New Mexico Fall Ball Fiesta!

From Hipco Happenings Newsletter, November, 2018

“HIPICO welcomed the new sights and sounds of the Santa Fe Fall Ball Fiesta Lacrosse Tournament on October 13-14th, hosted by Santa Fe Lacrosse. The two-day event was notable for its loud waves of cheering, supportive parents on the sidelines, team huddles around the coach’s game board, bright jersey colors boasting the participating teams and, above all, youth players having a great time, in spite of some frigid, wet weather on Sunday. Teams representing Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, El Paso, TX and Durango, CO battled it out on the polo fields, playing 17 games on Saturday and 22 games Sunday.  Thank you to all who came out to join in the fun and to the Betterday Diner & Taquería Gracias Madres food trucks that fed the crowds!”

“The tournament was a great success—everyone loved the HIPICO venue. Everyone toughed it out, played hard and had a great time.
Santa Fe Lacrosse would like to thank HIPICO for partnering with us to host the Annual Santa Fe Fall Ball Fiesta—we hope to return with an even larger tournament format in 2019.”

—Sidney Monroe, President of the Board, Santa Fe Lacrosse